Empowering people in poverty toward self sufficiency. . .

and equipping the community to assist.

TQL Merged with Second Harvest

In 2016, TEAMwork for Quality Living merged with Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana. The friendly faces you know from TQL are now part of the Second Harvest staff and are prepared to continue offering excellent resources and support. We hope you’ll take some time to visit the Circles page on the Second Harvest website.

Eliminating Poverty

Poverty is relative. To understand how to eliminate poverty, we must first learn all aspects of poverty.


Learn more about the “Circles of Support” model that allows TEAMwork for Quality Living to success in Muncie and Delaware County.


TEAMwork for Quality Living unites groups of volunteers around areas of need in the community.


Join individuals and communities across the country that are committed to expanding the Circles® Campaign, an innovative solution aimed at eradicating poverty in our nation.

The Circles Campaign in Muncie has been operating since 2005.  One of the longest-running Circles initiatives in the country, the Muncie operation was hosting weekly meetings and doing training before the national model was formalized. The Circles work in the county north of Delaware began in 2010 and features a small corps of Circle Leaders and their community supporters.

  • I have taught children living in poverty for almost 20 years. I could not believe how my insight grew as a result of this course.
  • My intolerance of people breaking societal behavioral rules was changed when I learned how people bring the rules of their own background into every situation.
  • I didn’t understand how difficult it is to have control over your time when you spend most of your time trying to survive. Planning to prevent issues is impossible when you have to operate in the ‘here’ and ‘now’
  • I played a child and realized how little time my family had to focus on me because they were always trying to stay one step ahead of the bill collectors
  • I was so frustrated, overwhelmed, and hopeless during the experience that it was hard to concentrate on how to make things better.

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