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Poverty Awareness Year piece

Poverty Awareness Year 2013: Seeking the resolutions to solving the pervasive problem of poverty in our community

Poverty Awareness Year is an outgrowth of March 2012 Poverty Awareness Week. It aims to “raise the level of awareness about poverty in Delaware County,” a strategy of the 2010 Muncie Action Plan.

Poverty Awareness Year is funded in part by Ball Brothers Foundation.

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Circle Leader Training Graduates – April 2012

Congratulations Graduates! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!

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A place to create life-long friendships with other community members



On April 12th, creator and writer of the Read Like a Rock Star and Inspire Like a Rock Star program came to speak at our weekly Circles meeting.


Changed Lives

Teamwork offers the tools that are needed to break the cycle of poverty.

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Two Economists’ Retrospective on the War on Poverty: Reference List

“Happy Anniversary? The 50 Year War on Poverty,” is comprised of stories of historical and personal reflection on the 50 year war on poverty. One article in this book, Two Economists’ Retrospective on the War on Poverty, was written by Cecil Bohanon and John Horowitz. Bohanon and Horowitz are professors in the Department of Economics at Ball State University. The following list is a list of sources used in their article. If you are interested in exploring the topic further please refer to the following:




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