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Poverty Awareness Year piece

Poverty Awareness Year 2013: Seeking the resolutions to solving the pervasive problem of poverty in our community

Poverty Awareness Year is an outgrowth of March 2012 Poverty Awareness Week. It aims to “raise the level of awareness about poverty in Delaware County,” a strategy of the 2010 Muncie Action Plan.

Poverty Awareness Year is funded in part by Ball Brothers Foundation.

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Circle Leader Training Graduates – April 2012

Congratulations Graduates! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!

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A place to create life-long friendships with other community members



On April 12th, creator and writer of the Read Like a Rock Star and Inspire Like a Rock Star program came to speak at our weekly Circles meeting.


Changed Lives

Teamwork offers the tools that are needed to break the cycle of poverty.

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Local Stories of Struggle and Hope Video Vignettes

Fear.  Frustration.  Love.  Tenacity.  Defeat.  Isolation.  Anger.  Hope.


Do you know people in poverty?  Do you know their stories?  Do you know how they feel about the situations in which they find themselves?


Be part of the 2013 Delaware County Poverty Awareness Year Finale “Encore Presentation”

(Made possible by the American Electric Power Foundation)

What:  ”Local Stories of Struggle and Hope Video Vignettes 

When:  Wednesday, February 19, 2014

           12 noon-1 p.m.

(Feel free to bring your lunch)

           Where:  Open Door Health Services

333 S. Madison 

RSVP to 747-7158 or by February 18


Training Becomes Stronger Revenue Stream for TEAMwork for Quality Living

TEAMwork’s first training tool was the poverty simulation that puts people into roles where they must survive four 15-minute weeks in Realville. The simulations, led by Carrie Summers, Circles® Coach and case manager, have been hosted more than 70 times, locally and in surrounding counties and as far away as Notre Dame University. TEAMwork’s presence is becoming stronger in East Central Indiana as increasing demand takes the organization into more and more cultural competency training opportunities.

Utilizing some core components from Dr. Ruby Payne’s Bridges out of Poverty work and augmenting it with tools and lessons learned from TQL’s own work in helping people toward self-sufficiency, Understanding People In Poverty and Serving People in Poverty have become courses in growing demand.

Dorica Watson, who serves as TEAMwork’s coordinator and case manager, is offering more and more staff development training for organizations such as the Youth Opportunity Center or Open Door Health Services. Additionally, she speaks at other events such as the Second Harvest Agency Conference and Anderson’s Dove Harbor 20th anniversary.

TEAMwork is also a regional training center for Circles® in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky. TQL is also the informal leader of the Indiana Alliance of Circles and work with organizations in Bloomington, Evansville, Indianapolis, and Scott County. The group hosts an Indiana Community of Practice or retreat session annually. In addition, the Muncie group is coaching new Circles® sites in Holland, Michigan, and Richmond and Marion, Indiana.