Empowering people in poverty toward self-sufficiency.

Guiding Principles

  1. We are committed to and understand that building relationships will serve as a driving force for our efforts, shaping our goals, and methods of alleviating poverty.
  2. We are committed to educating ourselves and others on the various facets of poverty beyond material deprivation, in order to create lasting collective mindset change.
  3. We believe building intentional and authentic relationships across economic communities has the potential to inspire and unleash gifts and human assets that can transform neighborhoods and communities.
  4. We are committed to engaging families in poverty as persons with unique gifts, leadership qualities, and perspectives that can greatly contribute to communities as they drive for solutions to alleviating poverty.
  5. We are committed to the process of inspiring, inviting, and reengaging middle/upper income individuals to help solve the toughest issues facing poverty in America.
  6. We value the leadership of low income individuals are committed to providing a forum for them to offer lasting solutions to alleviating poverty.
  7. We are committed to the long haul in order to realize lasting transformation.

uwdc-logoTEAMwork for Quality Living (TQL), a 20-year-old grassroots organization has not always been focused on ending poverty. However, this work helps people move from surviving to thriving, thus building hope for the future.

Early on the founding group, representing many different interests and populations in the community, also knew it would take them and many others to “bend the trend” and help Delaware County evolve from a good community to the best community. It was time for the community to come together to take responsibility for its future, to identify needs and problems, to build on what was already being done and to develop a plan to address those unmet needs and problems.

TEAMwork spent 10 years in bringing together and supporting volunteers in their efforts to build a stronger community. Along the way to doing that, everyone realized that the best way to strengthen the community was to empower people in poverty toward self-sufficiency. And since 2006, that has been TEAMwork’s quest.

The Delaware County community is only as strong as its weakest link. TQL supports and builds relationships with people who want to be financially independent, and journeys with them to the finish line, helping them build resources and give back to our organizational community and the community at large.