The Circles® model is completely different from the safety net structure in which people are told how they need to live their lives. In Circles, a family wishing to leave poverty sets goals and uses relationships with people from middle class and wealth to help hold them accountable to their dreams. For people from generational poverty it is a difficult transition to move toward being “in charge”. Learning the skills to direct their own lives helps prepare them for increased education and success in the workplace.

Financial Empowerment is a major piece of what is offered to people who come to TEAMwork wishing to leave poverty. Courses including content from other programs, “Identifying Spending Leaks,” “Pathways to Financial Freedom” and “Your money. Your Goals” are taught to Circle Leaders and their Allies are exposed to some of this information as well.

In addition, children and youth study “Earn. Save. Spend. and Give Back” as well as entrepreneurial techniques as part of their time in Circles.

Finally, there are a variety of leadership training opportunities offered within the Circle’s community and elsewhere in Delaware County. These help people expand their horizons and give back to the Circles community and to the Delaware County Community as a whole.