Circles® is a nationwide campaign to end poverty, which believes that all individuals have the capacity to become independent, secure and financially stable provided they have access to the necessary resources, reasons, and relationships.  Circle® of Delaware County is a community wide initiative in which social service agencies, businesses, and community members come together to  support individuals in poverty access their fullest potential.   All participants complete an education culminating in the development of a personalized action plan to reach their goals.  Following graduation each participant is matched with volunteers or Allys who befriend a family and support them to reach their highest potential. Through this initiative individuals and families can make real and positive changes in their life.

Poverty Simulations
How would you deal with the day to day realities of life with a shortage of money and an abundance of stress?

Understanding People in Poverty:

  • Poverty is relative.
  • Poverty occurs in all races and in all countries.
  • Economic class is a continuous line, not a clear-cut distinction.
  • Generational poverty and situational poverty are different.
  • We cannot blame the victims of poverty for being in poverty.
  • We cannot continue to support stereotypes and prejudices about the poor.

Poverty Awareness Week
This event is one of the 47 goals of the Muncie Action Plan, and TEAMwork for Quality Living, the local organization that empowers people to move to self-sufficiency, serves as project manager for the event.

Study Groups
For our Getting Ahead Graduates who need tutoring in college courses.

Getting Ahead
It provides a way to examine the impact that poverty has on individuals, families, and their communities.